Current Projects

DOE program “Building EPSCoR-State/National Laboratory Partnerships”.  Funded proposals in recent past:

  • 2020: Anne-Frances Miller: “Gating electron transfer in biological energy storage and conversion”, University of Kentucky.
  • 2020:  Badri Narayanan:  “Controlling reversible phase transitions in rare-earth nickelates for novel memory devices”, University of Louisville.  
  • 2020:  Hui Wang:  “Novel Superionic Na Conductors for Solid-State Na batteries: Materials and Interface”. University of Louisville. 
  • 2018:  John Balk: “Discovery, Design, Synthesis and Testing of High Performance Structural Alloys”, University of Kentucky.
  • 2016:  Todd Hastings: “Magnetization Dynamics and Soft X-Ray Vortex Beam Formation in Nanoscale Magnetic Metamaterials”, University of Kentucky
  • 2016:  Doug Strachan (UK): “Nanoscale Electrical Transfer and Coherent Transport Between Atomically-Thin Materials”, University of Kentucky